Below is a picture of every 1:43 model produced of the Corvette GTP.  
There are three 1/24th versions:  UMI, Quik Skins Version 1 and
Version 2
, plus a range of 1/8th RC bodies, 1:24 slot car bodies, and
Corvette GTP Models
Received this built 1/43 from Italy.  It is the Corner 5 model depicting the very
first prototype version of the Corvette GTP.  I'll have pictures of the real car
here soon.  You can build two versions of this car, the white and silver shown
and also the red and silver...rarely seen.
UK Model Magazine Article
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Magazine courtesy of Joe Vondracek
a fellow Corvette GTP enthusiast
and manufacture of the QuickSkins
1/24 Corvette GTP kit.  
Below is
Joe's original kit "without" fender
louvers.  The new kit features
1/24 Decal Sheet
eBay purchase.  Not the most
accurate, but still part of the
Click image to see larger
Quickskins 1/24 Corvette GTP Model, first design
Brand New Reissued 1:24 Quik Skins Corvette GTP
Model with Fender Louvers NOW AVAILABLE!

Quik Skins just reissued their very popular and highly detailed Corvette GTP
model.  The quality of this piece is incredible, especially with the addition of
fender louvers.  I have a few of these in stock and can ship immediately.  Cost
is $179 with FREE shipping.  You can see a sample of a built version 1 at the
bottom of this page.  This is a MUST HAVE for any GTP lover or model collector.

Drop me a note on the "Contact Me" page and we can
make arrangements as needed.  I can accept paypal.