Wait until you see all of the cool and interesting toys that have been produced
of the Corvette GTP.  You'll see the whole range from 1/24th slot car bodies, to
1/8 RC bodies, a complete collection of Lenard pull string toys including all of
those designed for European distribution, and more.

Again, here is a little preview.
Corvette GTP Toys
Lenard built a series 1/24th pull string toys including the Corvette GTP.  I took a couple
of the toys and had friends build some rare versions.  The white and silver car is
patterned after the very early prototype of the car seen in several articles.  The red and
silver version only appeared at the Detroit auto show,  That was only time it was shown
in those colors, and only appeared on the cover of one magazine that I know of (I'll post
a copy later).  I have no other examples of the red and silver car.
Lenard built a series of toys, including several versions of the Corvette GTP.  Five were
done for European release, two for the U.S. -- the Goodwrench version and the very rare
Penzoil version.  Here's a peek at all of them.  I'll also show you all of the Goodwrench
vehicles later.  
That's a 12" ruler showing the size of this Corvette GTP RC body.