There have been some interesting attempts at Corvette GTP
replicas.  To my knowledge only one is on the road, and two
are in an uncompleted state, and there is another body or two
floating around.  Check out the images of Replica 3.  This is an
exciting new effort by Mongoose Motorsports.  The first
version has kicked butt as kit car competitions.  Two are
currently on the road.  I'll bring you all the info as I get it.

Take a look...more to come.
Corvette GTP Replicas
This is one of several photos of a replica that appeared on Ebay.  I'll dig out all
of the photos and show you soon.  To my knowledge the car has not been
Eagle GTP
Eagle GTP Body?
Replica 1
Replica 2
Replica 3 - Mongoose GTP #1
Replica 4 - Street Legal