Watch here for some really interesting photos.  How about a
never before seen full size clay model of the GTP in a very
unique paint scheme.  
Corvette GTP Photos
Here is the Peerless car in the GM wind tunnel.  It was the last Corvette GTP
produced, and the last to compete.
From last to first...well almost.  This photo is from the Lola archives.  It shows
a prototype car with an early design nose, side air inlet, and wing mounting.  
Also the white and silver paint scheme that was featured in the GM folder
about the car.  You'll find the folder elsewhere on the site.
One of the wildest Corvette GTP configurations was this one.  I'll have some
better color photos of this last car, which ran three different tail designs,
different sponsors, and of course the shot above when it went to LeMans.  This
was the last Corvette GTP to run in competition.
You can't have the last Corvette GTP, without the first.  No, the Goodwrench
Corvette GTP was not the first, this car was.  It ran 6 races in 1985 before the
Goodwrench cars hit the track.  Today the car is vintage race ready.
Photo courtesy of Mark Windecker
Photo courtesy of Mark Windecker
Photo:  Lola Archives